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Minor Makeover -- Trim-13

I can literally remember the conversation I had with my builder about the shoe molding selection in my home. He asked if we wanted white or wood stain to match the floors or the trim. I had no clue. At 23, this was one of the things that I hadn’t really thought out or payed attention to. I already knew that I wasn’t getting the tall Craftsman stye base moldings I wanted since we were on a pretty tight budget and at the time it was one of the things that made it to the bottom of the “important list”. My response to him (who was a builder for very high end homes…even though ours was not one of those) was whichever is normally done. So, the trim matched the floors. Sigh. And since then, I have regretted the decision and secretly wished I had sold off one of my kidneys to afford the shoe and base mold I really wanted 13 years ago. I literally sit and stare at the trim, secretly willing it to grow and beef up to a hearty Craftsman style I dream of being inside my home.

This is one of those little things that literally irks me on the daily. Before any of you get all “Dude…you need to chillax, and stop stressing all the little stuff…”. I am a visual person. I see everything, all the little details, dirt, unbalance, asymmetry, etc. I cannot  NOT see it. And when it is wrong (in my book) it bugs me. So on my mission to de-stress my life and make my home the way I want it to be…I start checking off all those little irks. Instead of a twinge of annoyance, I get a secret little smile inside instead. Baby steps.

Next kick in the gut. Why the *beep* didn’t I paint them sooner? While painting the Foyer and Dining room the other day, on a whim, I sucked up my fear of painting all the shoe molding and just did it. 1) it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. 2) It made my trim look a TON better. Not perfect…I still want that beefy 4-6 inch craftsman trim, but it is WAY better.

Freshen up trim in older homes

See the difference? It makes it look taller, and the nice clean line to the floor makes it look more current and fresh. Still kicking myself for waiting 13 freakin’ years to do this. I am not sure if I can (or if my husband will even let me) tear out the shoe base mold and add in the dreamy tall trim… that would be pretty costly and definitely at the bottom of the home reno list of things that need to be done. If the $$ allows, that is what I will do. But if not, below are a couple of ideas of how to beef up my existing trim that I am considering.

step07a       laundry-room-baseboard-4-wm_thumb

1| The Idea Room 2| Home Depot

How to Paint Shoe Molding next to wood floors

I really don’t know why I was so nervous about this. Normally I am pretty fearless with a can of paint and a paint brush. Maybe because I knew it would be impossible to go back to the stain if I hated it. And I thought trying to cut in next to the wood floors would be quite a challenge. I won’t lie, I tried free handing it to start by using a long straight painters edge. It didn’t work. I hate taping and free hand all of my cutting in normally. But in order to get a nice clean line and it not take me a million years, I broke out the tape. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought.

1| Painters Tape

2| Angled Brush. My go to brush and the one I would marry if I could marry one is the Wooster Shortcut. I really should by stock in these things…I have bought so many.

3| Primer

4| Trim Paint of choice. I use Benjamin Moore Semi Gloss in White Dove

5| Patience

How to paint the shoe molding next to wood floors

1| Dust and clean trim and floors next to trim (so the tape and paint will stick)

2| Press the tape to the floor as close as you can to the shoe mold. Mine has a slight gap most of the way and I found I could use my finger nail to kinda press the tape under it for a tighter fit.
Minor Makeover -- Trim-11

3| Paint primer all along the trim

4| Let Dry and then paint with the Semi Gloss

5| While the semi gloss is wet, carefully pull up the tape and discard

6| Once the paint is dry, I took a small putty knife and scraped any rough paint edges right up for a nice clean finish.

Minor Makeover -- Trim-10

Freshen up trim in older homes

Do you have any small detail projects that made a big difference, or just made you happy each time you walked by?

Minimal Makeup

In my Mid Life Makeover post I mentioned my desire  “… to be an aging stylish wife, mom of 3, successful business woman, live in rural suburbia, have magazine decor taste but a newspaper budget, desire to have a beach bum peace about me, but maintain city smarts and have everything organized and clean at the same time.” My bathroom drawers was one of the first places to get this overhaul. Why first? Most likely because the drawers were overflowing with crap that I just didn’t use or thought I may use down the road. Or because it wasn’t as daunting of a place to start as the rest of my life. Or because I had recently come to the realization that I use the same handful of things every single day. So I sat on the floor, dumped out both drawers and purged.

The image above (skin care and hair products aside) is what was left.

How refreshing! And…space…lots of space! All of the products even fit inside of my black makeup bag, so it makes it even easier to throw in my purse for those early morning basketball games that I am rushing out the door to attend and need to slap some color on my face quickly while sitting in the parking lot.

Here is me, taken with my iphone about a week ago. No fancy editing (aside from choosing good light ;)) with this very makeup on. It takes me less than 4 minutes to do all of it, and even less in the summer since I don’t need the powder, shadow or lip color then (I use balm instead). I am just a few months shy of 40, have red blotchy super dry skin, wrinkles, sun spots, the whole sha bang. My skin is far from perfect, and super sensitive. And I know there is a slew of products out there that can help minimize the look of them, but at this time of my life and for the health of my skin, I have chosen to embrace “what is”, avoid heavy layers of makeup and just fluff it up a tiny bit.

Minimal Makeup -- Marta Locklear-5

Why Clinique? My skin is a hot mess. It has been sensitive to products my whole life and now with this brutal dry cold winter, it is even worse. Of course this image was taken in a great window light, so a good bit of my flaws are not as noticable. But I am dry (no matter how much moisturizer I slather on), itchy, blotchy, wrinkles, sun spots…ya know. The whole “I am turning 40 in a few months…” sha bang. Clinique, Neutrogena and Almay are the only ones that I have found that don’t really irritate my skin, have good natural colors and get the job done. I can’t use base makeup on a daily basis, it makes my skin so irritated, plus it is just way too much hassle for me. I found Clinique’s Almost Powder to have a great moderate coverage but still natural enough that my freckles natural tones show through a bit.

Be sure to comment below and let me know what other things you all would love to see from me!! I am having a blast doing the lifestyle thing on the blog…but I want to keep them interesting for those of you that do follow!

Simple Makeup Look

Get the Look: 1| Clinique Almost Powder  2| Clinique Volume Mascara 3| Clinique Bronzer 4| Clinique Blush 5| Clinique Chubby Lip Balm 6| Clinique Eye Compact 7| Anastasia Powder Brow Duo

For Less: 1| Neutrogena Sheer Powder 2| Nuetrogena Volume Mascara 3| Neutrogena Bronzer 4| Almay Blush 5| Neutrogena Chubby Lip 6| Almay Eyes 7| NYX Brow Duo

  • Melissa Arlena - I so need to purge my beauty products! Recently I found skin care stuff from when I was 15, it was good stuff and being the frugal girl I try to be I thought let me finally use this. Bad idea, it totally gave me the skin of a 15 year old…….breakouts galore! Lol!ReplyCancel

  • Meghan Ely - I love Clinique! I keep my usual routine to 3-4 min max as well. :) love their perfectly real foundation (super light), their basic concealer, a touch of loose powder and their lip gloss in a neutral color. Am curious your recs on skin care (moisturizer, cleansing, etc)? Would love to simplify this area!ReplyCancel

    • Marta Locklear - Meghan- Thanks for commenting! I am working on finessing my skin care routine and will get a post up soon about it. I have something new I am trying and I just want to see if it works!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - Love your new posts. :) I use Clinique as well. I love the shadow colors they offer and how their makeup always has a slight yellow tint to it. This is a lifesaver for a girl with rosacea. :)ReplyCancel

    • Marta Locklear - Elizabeth- I have a bit of redness as well. And tend to be on the golden side of tan as well, so their makeup always seems to match just right for me. I am so happy to hear you love the new blog format!ReplyCancel

Photobook 1 -- Marta Locklear-8

It is time to bring back the tangible. This year I want to bring more physical photography to my clients. The first new addition is the simple linen hardcover photobook. It is perfect for storing on your shelves, laying on the coffee table, and gifting to the grandparents. You will enjoy flipping through your sessions all over again, and one day, the little ones in your sessions will enjoy flipping through them too. This rang true for me recently when I printed all my family Instagram images into small books and my 3 kids piled up onto the sofa to flip through them all together. They giggled endlessly at how they have grown, changed and all the fun and silly things they have done over the years. They don’t do that with the images on the computer.

I am offering these to new and old clients. If you have had a session with me, or have one coming up, these books are available to you. They are filled with nearly all of the images (duplicates aside) from your session. Below you can see a little peek at the books and a video of my newborn sample. And if you would love to see the blog post for this session you can do so here.

Photobook 1 -- Marta Locklear-3Photobook 1 -- Marta Locklear-4Photobook 1 -- Marta Locklear-2


Field Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta LocklearField Family Sesion // Marta Locklear

Contax 645 | Fuji 400H | Film Box Lab

It was about 6 years ago that a couple of fellow photographers and I put a call out to maternity maternity models so we could put together a style shoot. Just for the fun of it! This beautiful mama in the photos was one of those lovely women while she was pregnant with her first child. Six years later I had the pleasure to romp around the soy bean fields with them on this beautiful fall day.

I owe you all an apology. I have made a pretty big rookie home dec/reno blogger mistake. I don’t have ANY before pics of this bathroom. Which is a HUGE shame because it has been 4 colors in it’s lifetime and the ‘after’ is pretty awesome compared to where it came from, so I will do my best to try to describe it a little to set the scene so these images have even more impact. I don’t claim to be the next ‘it’ thing in interior design by any means…but I am happy with the direction that my home is starting to grow and shift.

It was bare bones. No accessories or shelving at all. The toilet, wood transom, white vanity, builder grade light fixture with some flared girl-esque shades, and gray tiled flooring. The only thing I ever really did was change the paint color over the last 13 years. It was pale blue, then ballerina pink, then just before this an odd yellowy green color. The bathroom is large and part of a shared shower room that connects to my daughter’s similar bathroom (those reveals to come down the road). As I mentioned in my Mid Life Makeover post, I am trying to do as much of the updating and reno work on a budget, but with a clean, simple and stylish look. I am considering this Phase 1, so we are keeping a lot of our bones like the flooring, vanities, and light fixtures until we can do Phase 2 and take it all to the  next level which will be lots of mill work, new flooring, new shaker style vanities, new light fixture and mirror.

First thing I did was the paint. That green haaaad to go! I went with Sherwin Williams Aloof Gray after using it my daughter’s bedroom and falling madly in love with it. It went with the floors perfectly, and created a fresh clean palette to start with. Then the IKEA Lack floating shelves. Ideally I would design a wall of built in cabinetry that can hold linens, but we will save that for Phase 2. The Lack shelves are clean, and when butted up against the side wall have a bit of a built in look and for $14.99 you can’t beat them.

Boys Bathroom Reveal // Marta Locklear

When you open the door the first thing your eye is drawn to is the print. I found this Batman print by a fellow photographer Jen Lynne. I bought it for the boys nearly 2 years ago the second I saw it. It has just been waiting patiently for a home. It was the first thing to be added to the room and became the inspiration for the mood. It is in an IKEA Ribba frame. If you are interested in the print she is still selling copies. Click on her name or email her at

I knew I wanted a slightly masculine, modern look with some earth tones incorporated for the boys. Since our 8 year old could care less about the decor, I wanted it to have a slightly more grown up feel for my 12 year old son that tends to have a lot of friends over. A few toilet time reading materials and a geode I found at my newest addiction, HomeGoods.
Boys Bathroom Reveal // Marta Locklear   Boys Bathroom Reveal // Marta Locklear

Boys Bathroom Reveal // Marta Locklear

The vanity, faucet and light fixture are staying for now, but I did update the light shades to a cleaner line and the handles on the vanity to something more masculine. They were quite frilly before. Seeing the image below I think I need a small print to the right of the sink to ad a bit of color there.

Boys Bathroom Reveal // Marta Locklear   Boys Bathroom Reveal // Marta Locklear

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am a tiny bit obsessed with plants right now. I want to incorporate plants in all the rooms and I found these air plants (that hopefully the kids can’t kill) that add a cool texture and natural color. It sits in a tiny spice bowl I found at Target who is having a sale on home goods right now (like you need a reason to shop at Target….pshh).

Boys Bathroom Reveal // Marta Locklear

One neat little thing about this bathroom is that the toilets sit in the dormers. We have a Cape Cod style home (see all about that here) and when we did the floor plan we re-arranged the bathrooms and bedrooms to create Jack & Jill baths and this was the best way to get it incorporated. And since the toilet is so far from the vanity, and I have two stinky boys that don’t know how to check for toilet paper before they sit on the toilet, I found this chunky basket at Michaels Arts & Crafts for 50% off to hold the air freshener and extra toilet paper, bringing the natural elements to this little nook. Next up is another plant (don’t tell hubby :) ).

Boys Bathroom Reveal // Marta Locklear   Boys Bathroom Reveal // Marta Locklear

This guy is probably my favorite find and only cost me $5.99 from World Market. My oldest son wears glasses and contacts and this wooden Stonehenge-esque statue was made for holding glasses. How perfect!

Boys Bathroom // Marta Locklear-13

And of course you cannot be a photographer’s son without a little vintage camera action. This little faux camera came from HomeGoods and even has a secret little compartment in the back to hold treasures. Their laundry basket sits just under the shelves to keep things neat and tidy. Then all white linens to finish off the look and give it a clean spa feel!


Boys Bathroom Reveal // Marta Locklear   Boys Bathroom Reveal // Marta Locklear

Let me know what you think and if you love seeing the little reveals as I get them done! This is an all new venture for me, but I am enjoying it and it is highly motivating to get all the projects completed. I am happy to answer any questions too!



  • julia - Absolutely gorgeous! Such an inspiration.ReplyCancel

    • Marta Locklear - Thank you so much Julia! Amazing what you can get do with a can of paint, builder grade cabinets and new accessories!ReplyCancel

  • Jen Lynne - Ahhh, I love this so much Marta!! What a cool fun bathroom for the boys!! And the batman print looks perfect in there. This makes me want to decorate my bathroom!ReplyCancel

  • Tanya Rey - Everything looks so beautiful! I painted Aloof Grey in my basement and love it. You are inspiring me to redecorate!ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Hi Marta love this help on home decor…I’m about to totally repaint all of our drywall! Hooray for inspiration…ReplyCancel

A Girl, A Boy & A Horse // Marta Locklear WeddingsA Girl, A Boy & A Horse // Marta Locklear WeddingsA Girl, A Boy & A Horse // Marta Locklear WeddingsA Girl, A Boy & A Horse // Marta Locklear WeddingsA Girl, A Boy & A Horse // Marta Locklear WeddingsA Girl, A Boy & A Horse // Marta Locklear WeddingsA Girl, A Boy & A Horse // Marta Locklear WeddingsA Girl, A Boy & A Horse // Marta Locklear WeddingsA Girl, A Boy & A Horse // Marta Locklear WeddingsA Girl, A Boy & A Horse // Marta Locklear WeddingsA Girl, A Boy & A Horse // Marta Locklear WeddingsA Girl, A Boy & A Horse // Marta Locklear Weddings

Contax 645 | Fuji 400H | Film Box Lab

When a new client contacts you and wants to do a post wedding shoot, in their wedding attire, with their horse…you drive as far as you have to drive to make it happen. It was worth the drive to Reisterstown, Maryland’s horse country, and worth the days of “no rain dances” that were done before hand. Sagamore Farm that Horacio worked at was stunning! Not to mention the stunning floral crown and bout that they had! I am looking very forward to their maternity and newborn sessions coming up this year!

  • Jen Lynne - Ok, this is to die for!!! As a horse lover this is the dream shoot.. horses + Photography = LOVE!!!ReplyCancel